Alex Kochno

April 20, 2008

This is Alex Kochno reporting, and this blog is about my church experiences.  I started going to church at Saint Andrews Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bloomingdale Illinois because my grandparents who raised me were one of the seven families to start that church back in the 1970’s before I was even born, after a while the church politics started to interfere with the true meaning of Christianity with my grandparents, so therefore when I was a freshman in high school they decided to go to Saint Sophia’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Chicago Illinois, but I did not like that church as much as the other one, so therefore when I got my drivers license a few years later I actually went back to that church and finally managed to convince my grandparents to go back to that church because of all of the greatness instilled in that particular church, so a little bit later on I decided to go away to school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and I attended the Newman Catholic Student Center for a while and sung in the church choir like I began to do when I attended Saint Andrews Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bloomingdale Illinois.  I liked The Newman Catholic Student Center, but for some reason I was not getting the respect that I deserved from my fellow parishioners, so therefore I began to go to all sorts of churches and the most recent one that I like is The Walnut Street Baptist Church and that is it for my theological experiences over the course of the many years of my life so far.

-Alex Kochno